Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Right Now Challenge | 8

It's been awhile since I did one of these posts, and I have a bunch to share!

- From the other room this morning, I hear Levi tell Paige, "No Paige, you not 'posed to stand that close to tv! It hurt your eyes. It going hurt your eyes you stand too close tv." Haha, if only he would follow his own advice...

- Levi comes over to where Paige and I are sitting on the couch, and tells me he is a super-hero. He puts his arms up and says "GO 'WAY DANGER! GO 'WAY! My save you Mommy Paige! Go 'way danger!" He has no shortage of imagination.

- When Levi woke up from hi nap today, we had to "follow footprints" downstairs.

- "'Cause why, momm? 'Cause why?"

- Levi is very into pretending lately. So funny!"

- Paige likes to carry things around in her mouth while she crawls. Like socks, wooden puzzle pieces that have the knob on them, etc. Silly girl!"

- Levi always wants "a bunch" of something.

- While Levi was still sleeping, I had gotten out some ping pong balls and a muffin tin for Paige to play with. When he woke up he wanted to know what it was for, so I just told him it was some things for Paige to play with and teach her how to put things into something else, or something like that. A little bit later, Paige crawls over and grabs the tin, and the balls go flying. Levi exclaims, "No Paige! That not playing! That not learning!"

- On the way out to the farm one morning there were some bumps on the road from the snow and ice.
   Levi: "Paige scared of bumps mommy."
   Me: "You better protect her and tell her it will be ok then."
   Levi: talks to P and tells her this and that and it will be ok
   Levi: "Paige not scared anymore."
   Me: "Well that's good! You're such a good big brother protecting her."
   Levi: After a pause. "Yep. My not wan' lose her."
   Me: "You don't want to lose Paige?"
   Levi: "Ah-huh."
Be still my heart!!

- After coming downstairs when we woke up this morning, Levi tells me he cold. Then he says, "My just want be warm like sun." He is too cute.

Other things he says lately:
- "That sounds like great idea, mommy!" or "That's great idea!"

- "My outside so my can use my outside voice now? My can only scream outside! My going to scream outside!"

- "That not fair!"

Levi is full of personality and imagination! Some of the things he says just crack me up. I try and write down the good ones. If I wrote down all the funny things he said, I would basically have a running script from every single day. :)

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