Tuesday, April 22, 2014

10 months

Another month flew by (and then some) and Paige Cecelia is 10 (and a half) months old. I was pretty happy with the pictures I got of her this month. She still wouldn't sit still, but I at least got them to focus a little better! :) The headbands don't last too long anymore either, but I'm glad she let me get a few pics without ripping it off. Ha.

At 10 months, Paige:

- Wears 9-12 month clothes, depending on the brand.

- Weighs about 18 lbs.

- Is about 29 inches tall.

- Still in size 4 dipes.

- Has two teeth! She actually had these last month but I forgot to add it when I did that post. Whoops! She's working on some more, too, so hopefully they will be through SOON!

- Walking! She's really taken off in the past week or so. She can get up to standing from the floor, too.

- Eating pretty good, she has favorites, but will usually try whatever I put on her tray. She looooves grapes and strawberries, cheese is also a big hit.

- Sleeping hasn't been too great lately, for various reasons. Teething, stuffy nose, and just altogether growing. She's learning so much lately that she just wants to practice! Hoping soon that we can ALL get some good nights of sleep.

- She is starting to cheese for me when I get the camera out. I remember Levi doing this, and it is hilarious.

- Hates, HATES laying still for me to change her diaper. Good. LORD. You'd think I was using some sort of torture device on her by trying to get her to lay still for 30 seconds. I hope she grows of it soon.

- Still has her binker, mostly when she is tired. She's not quite as attached to it as Levi was. I am hoping to stop using it a little sooner with her.

- Loves making noises. Dadada, mamama, lalala, bababa, raspberries, screams and squeals, etc.!

- She can get herself on and off of the ride-on toys we have, and push herself along on them. She has actually been doing this awhile too, I think I just forgot to mention it last time!

- She's definitely got a mind of her own, and wants what she wants NOW. She's going to be a spitfire!

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