Thursday, October 14, 2010

16 weeks

I decided that I'm going to do weekly updates for the rest of my pregnancy, along with belly shots. I wish I would have been recording things more early on, but I guess I felt good and didn't feel a lot different, so I just kind of let it go. I do have a book that I've been writing my weight/measurement each time I've been to the doctor, so I guess that counts for something. I've been having fun reading what is all going on inside of me, and I decided that since from now on things will probably be changing more I wanted to do something to keep track of it. Hopefully this will keep me motivated to post at least once a week too. One other thing, I decided that I'm going by the due date from now on instead of what the ultrasound said, because otherwise I just confuse myself! My dr. told me that if they did decide to change the due date, it wouldn't be until I was quite a bit further along since the difference was only 10 days. So then, I was 16 weeks yesterday! Today I felt super FAT. I don't know if I was just bloated, or what. But it was horrible. Besides that, all my stomach did all afternoon was moan and groan and make noises at me. Ughhh. Feeling better now for the most part. Survey time...

How far along?: 16 weeks.
How big is baby?: The size of an Avocado! Hard to imagine that is inside my tummy.... :)
Weight gain?: So far I think around 6-9 lbs, which is probably too much. I will admit that while we were ttc, I totally slacked and gained a few pounds. I hadn't weighed myself for quite awhile (because I knew it would be something I wouldn't want to see), so I wasn't sure about my starting weight. Not trying to justify it, but I was getting pretty down on myself from how long it did take to finally happen (getting pg), and somewhat lost my motivation to do anything for awhile. Just makes that much more work for me once the baby comes I guess!! Ok, sorry for such a long answer to that one...
Stretch marks?: None YET thankfully.
Maternity clothes?: I bought one pair of pants and have been stocking up on tops from garage sales, but so far just a hair twistie around the buttons on my regular jeans has worked good. I am [not so] secretly excited to go maternity clothes shopping though. I guess I am just excited to shopping, period!
Sleep?: Good, still sleeping like a rock like normal. I have had to get up to pee in the early am more often, but usually go right back to sleep.
Best moment this week?: When my headache finally went away! Yay!
Food cravings?: CARBS. Mostly things I know I shouldn't have. Nothing really specific, it changes every day.
Gender?: Unknown.
Movement?: None yet, looking forward to feeling those flutters anytime in the next few weeks though!
Belly button?: Still very much an innie.
What I miss?: So far nothing comes to mind but I'm sure that will change as time goes on... One thing I DO NOT miss is my period. Enjoying the break from that! Ha! :)
Labor signs?: NONE, and hopefully staying that way for a looong time!
What I'm looking forward to?: Feeling our little peanut move for the first time. :)
Milestone?: Even though it was a few weeks ago, reaching 2nd trimester is pretty exciting! I decided since this is my first weekly post I can use that. :)

Ok here is the belly pic(s)...I decided to put together the 3 that I have taken. 1st is from about 9 (or 10) wks, 2nd is around 12 wks, and the last one is from 16 wks. Not a TON of change. I am definitely looking forward to when I actually look like I have a bump and not just chubby!!

 A few more things...I think I'll be taking most of my pics myself from now on b/c 1) Paul isn't home that often to take it for me, 2) I don't like that spot b/c it has bad lighting, and 3) I hate my point & shoot camera. Yes, I know the last point was not related. Anyways, I think I better get supper out of the oven before I burn it, b/c that would totally be my style these days!!

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