Thursday, October 21, 2010

17 weeks

The other night while Paul was paying some farm bills, I was browsing around online and happened to stop at the Baby's R Us website, where I saw that they were having a sale: 20% off the Storkcraft brand of cribs. That just happened to be the brand of the crib we were thinking about getting! So, I showed Paul, and we decided to just go for it and get it ordered! So it's on it's way!! I am excited if you can't tell. :) Hopefully it's a good one. Ok, well on to the survey...

How far along?: 17w2d
How big is baby?: The size of an onion!
Weight gain?: Not gonna lie, I didn't weigh myself this week. I don't feel much bigger though.
Stretch marks?: Still nothin' that I've noticed.
Maternity Clothes?: Got the pair of low-rise jeans that I ordered from ON today, and they fit good, so I'll probably start wearing those more often. Maternity tops are still too big...I've been living in sweatshirts.
Sleep?: Good yet.
Best moment this week?: Having my mom and sister come visit on Saturday and going to the antique store.
Food Cravings?: Nothing in particular I guess. Been having chips w/ cheese and salsa after work and that always hits the spot. Probably not the healthiest...
Gender?: Unknown for another few weeks!
Movement?: Waiting patiently...
Belly button?: Looks the same to me.
What I miss?: Not too much yet.
Labor signs?: NO.
What I'm looking forward to?: My bump getting it actually looks like a baby bump, not just extra pudge. And going shopping with some girlfriends this weekend! Hopefully finding some cute stuff!
Milestone?: Hmmm...making it one more week?

And the picture...

So the whole taking my own picture thing didn't work out so well. I was hoping to use my dslr, but turns out I'm not real good at pointing it at the right angle unless I'm looking through the viewfinder. And it kept wanting to focus on the wrong things, I'm thinking it was b/c the mirror is so narrow. So I defaulted to the p&s. I'm going to try and get my face in there next week...

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