Sunday, December 19, 2010

24 wks

I'm a little late on posting this time. The picture is from Friday, but I didn't have time to get online because we went out for supper that night. Saturday we were at Paul's mom & dad's for the Staples family Christmas. We had a lot of fun! It's always great to see the girls and Aaron, and they had a great time opening gifts. We also celebrated Allie's 3rd birthday since everyone was together. This year we all played a dice game that was a lot of fun too, so hopefully we'll keep that tradition going! Our Christmas cards finally came in the mail yesterday, so today I got them all addressed and ready to be sent out tomorrow morning. I wasn't going to do a card this year, but changed my mind at the last minute. I think they turned out pretty good for putting them together and ordering them all in an hour and a half! :) I am still taking pics for my December Daily album and try to keep up on the journaling, but I haven't put anything together in the album yet. Since I don't print my pictures at home it's hard, so I'll probably just wait and order them all at the end of the month and then put the album together. I am looking forward to having it complete, even if it isn't real exciting. I know we'll look back in a few years and enjoy it. Anyways, on to this week's survey!

How far along?: 24 wks 2 days
How big is baby?: Still the size of a papaya, almost a foot long and just over a pound I believe.
Weight gain?: I'm sure more than I would like. I am not a fan of my scale so I don't use it. I don't feel like I've gained too  much since last week though.
Stretch marks?: Nope not yet.
Maternity clothes?: Yep.
Sleep?: Good most nights, getting sick of sleeping on my side.
Best moment of the week?: Probably making cookies last Sunday with my mom & sister. Nothing really new with the belly this week.
Food cravings?: Still the carbs. And just food in general.
Gender?: Baby boy!
Movement?: Feeling lots of kicks and punches. Seems like whenever I stop to watch my tummy or feel them though he stops! :)
Belly button?: Same as last time.
What I miss?: Nothing comes to mind.
Labor signs?: Nada.
What I'm looking forward to?: Those stronger kicks so Paul can feel them more often.
Milestone?: Reaching Viability week! Yay!

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