Monday, November 21, 2011

7 months

Seven months. Each month goes faster! Levi was busy, busy, busy this month, gaining speed with crawling and standing next to anything he can pull up on. He is quick, that one! We had another ear infection early in the month, not sure if I mentioned about the first one, but 2 weeks after he finished meds for that one, he got another. Also had a little cold/cough for a few days, but that has since gotten better too. He still gets a snotty nose once in awhile but nothing major. The flu has been going around town lately so I am crossing my fingers that we don't end up with that at our house...ugh, not fun.
I had a heck of a time getting a picture of this little stinker the other day! We can't just sit, we have to try and climb up the back of the couch, or crawl to the other end, or lunge towards me....yeesh. But I did get a few goods ones, even though they are all a bit blurry! I was trying to get them quick so I didn't have much time to get the focus right! :) Thank goodness for photoshop sharpening, ha. 

Levi at 7 months:
Weighs about 20 lbs on the dot, according to my bathroom scale.

I didn't measure him this month. Probably couldn't have gotten him to lay still that long anyways!!
In size 4 dipes.

Size 9 month clothing, can fit into some 12 month already too. Seems like he has been flying through sizes lately.

Never. Stops. Moving. The kid is ALL OVER. Every day he gains speed with the crawling, and he can pull up onto just about anything. Keeps me on my toes, that is for dang sure. Sad part is that it's only going to get worse! :)

Loooooves food. I don't think there has been anything he's tried that he hasn't liked. There's nothing that he refuses to eat. Which is probably why he weighs 20 pounds at 7 months old....

Also loves those little puffs, the ones that dissolve. And the ones that are called crunchies, they are cheese flavored....omg he loves those. Seriously, he sees me with them and he races over and like starts panting like I can't get it into his mouth fast enough! It's quite funny.

He tried crawling up the stairs once, and got up 2 steps to the landing before I moved him. I was right behind him so he didn't fall backwards. Besides that time he really doesn't pay attention to them yet.

He is more interested in anything that is NOT a toy vs. something that IS a toy. He will sit and play with the toys for a little bit, but then he'll spy the remote and take off like a banchee after that. Momma is still faster though!

Loves paper, obviously. Christmas should be fun, ha.

I've tried to give him a sippy cup with some Apple Prune juice (watered down quite a bit) but he would rather chew on the spout. When he does get a drink he's not sure what to think of it.

Changing his diaper is quite a workout. He screams as soon as I lay him down, like I am torturing him or something! At first I was worried that he actually was hurting or something, but alas, I have learned his ways. He lays perfectly still at daycare. Little stinker!! Getting clothes on him is also joyous. Sarcasm.

He loves being naked. I think if he could be naked all day he would be a happy camper. But since it's November and a wee bit chilly, we will have to limit that. :)

Sleep. Some nights are good, some nights aren't as good. He's getting better, slowly but surely. Hopefully. We've gotten rid of the middle of the night bottle, but he still will wake up a couple times. Usually he is up for the day by 5:00-5:30. Wahoo. 

He enjoys squealing at the top of his lungs. We call it his happy screams. He'll do it once, then when we laugh or something he'll keep doing it louder. He has always liked hearing his own voice!

Blows bubbles/raspberries all the time too. He's constantly making the brrrr noise with his lips/tongue out.

Car seat is apparently torture along with the diaper changing and putting clothes on.

Since he has absolutely zero fear at this point, when he pulls up onto anything and everything, he's had lots of klunks on the noggin from falling down. Some were pretty hard, but he usually only cries for a minute and then, surprise, goes and does whatever he was doing again.

For as much as he likes to get into things and crawl around to explore, he wants me right there on the floor with him a lot of the time. Or at least where he can see me. He doesn't like it if I put him on the floor by his toys, then run to the kitchen to try and do something quick. He seems to like the tupperware cabinet so at least that keeps him entertained for awhile!

He doesn't fall asleep to the bottle much anymore, except nighttime. But he does like me to rock him to sleep yet, which I can't say I mind.... Except when he fights it and is over-tired. Which is pretty often actually. I will always love cuddle time with my little man.

No teeth yet!

Well I think that about covers it. Now a few pics for good measure!

 See what he's after in the pic above? PLANT! MUST. GET. THE PLANT!!

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