Friday, November 25, 2011

first snow of the season

It snowed last weekend on Saturday. We got like 6 inches I think. As much as everyone was complaining about it, it's the middle of November in Minnesota, and it was time. None of us are ready for a winter like last year, but it had to start sometime! It was actually coming down really nicely, no wind or anything. Maybe I enjoyed it more since I didn't have anywhere to go :) Sunday afternoon Paul blew out where we park and in front of the garage, and a ways down the alley too. Of course as soon as he was done the city plow came through the alley and pushed the snow all back over what he had just done...happens every year, the dude can't figure out how to push the snow the right direction....oh well... Anyway, I set Levi in front of the patio door while Paul was out there, and he was having a fun time watching him! It was pretty cute.

It is almost a week later now, and most of the snow is gone. We had some nice temps over the last couple days. It will be back soon enough!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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