Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Levi meets SANTA!

We took Levi uptown to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus on Monday night. I think practically every kid in town under the age of 7 was there! It's nice to see a good turnout for such a small town though. Well, Santa even brought his reindeer along and his helpers were giving out rides while Santa met all the kiddos. We skipped out on that and got right in line, which ended up to be a good thing, because by the time we left, the line was all the way out the door of the community center! Levi was a good boy and just looked around at all the other kids while we waited in line. Sucking on the binker of course. :) When it was Levi's turn, Paul set him on Santa's lap while I took pictures. He would not take his eyes off of him! He just stared, for like 30 seconds, then burst into tears. It was pretty funny! Paul scooped him up as soon as he started crying, and then he was ok. Hopefully next year there will be no tears, but only time will tell!

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