Tuesday, January 17, 2012

9 months

Levi had his 9 month check-up today, so I decided to get the post up tonight. Another month that flew by! I can't believe in only THREE months my little munchkin will be a whole year old. He is so much fun, even though he can definitely be a stinker sometimes. He's got a temper on him, he gets mad when you take something away that he shouldn't have, or don't give him something. Could be the age too I guess!

He got another ear infection this month, so that is four total, except this one didn't go away with just the amoxycillin and he ended up taking zithromax to get rid of it. At his check-up, Dr. M said it was up to us if we wanted to talk to ENT about tubes, but they would most likely tell us to wait a bit longer. For kids in daycare, the average is 6-8 colds per year, and a cold can lead to ear infections in his age. I also brought Levi to the chiropractor today. He has been there once before, and I thought now that he is moving so much more it would be a good time for another one. Dr. H suggested some probiotics since he has been on antibiotics so much for the ear infections, they will just put some of the good bacteria back into his body that the antibiotics take out. He adjusted a few spots and said to bring Levi back to him if I thought he had the start of another ear infection, and he would do a few things to get the fluid moving in his ears, and if that doesn't help we would go get more antibiotics. Phew. That got long. I tend to over-explain things, lol :)

The picture-taking process was about as much of a workout as last month. The kid seriously does NOT want to sit still. Not for me at least. It's funny when mommy tries to take pictures of me! I have a feeling it's only the beginning of many years of PRETTY PLEASE, JUST ONE PICTURE!!! Then I will bribe. Anyhoo...

At 9 months::

Weighs 20 lbs 13.5 oz.

30.5 inches tall.

Size 12 month clothing.

In size 4 dipes.

Is a busy, busy boy. There is always something to get into...such as mommy's plants (which have all been re-located), any shelf I can reach (had to clear the bottom 2 levels of one shelf and the other is close to being next...), the pots and pans, crawling behind the couch, crawling up the stairs, and the list goes on!

Has 4 teeth now! The bottom left came in 2 weeks after the right, and just last week he got two more...on the top, the two outside ones. He skipped the middle ones for now, but I'm sure they will be in soon.

Has a bottle about 4 times a day, give or take. Still takes it better at daycare, or will drink more there at least.

Not interested in baby food much anymore. He eats his breakfast of oatmeal cereal and fruit really well, but dinner and supper are hit and miss. At his check-up today, Dr. M pretty much said he is ready for table food, so we will start with that soon once the baby food is used up. He really likes cheese and bread (white more than wheat, little stinker), avocado, mostly anything we give him off of our plates. I have given him chunks of peaches and pears, but he has a hard time getting them in his mouth yet b/c they are slippery. He likes them though.

His latest noises are ba-ba-ba-ba, every once in awhile he'll throw a mmmma in there. He likes to scream and yell in very high-pitched tones.

Enjoys bath time for the most part and spends most of the time standing up next to the edge, or to the spout trying to bite the inflatable thing I have on there so he doesn't hit his head. Just lately he's started trying to climb out, and in too. I must admit, it is pretty cute watching him try to lift his little leg up over the edge. Sad thing is he would be able to do it...he knows enough to lean forward at the same time, and his chest is at the right level that he would go face first to the floor or do a flip or something. I hope to not find out yet, because I'm certain it would result in crying.

Still loves his pacifier. He will go down without it at daycare but not for me, unless he falls asleep with the bottle and doesn't look for it.

Sleep has been getting better....ear infections mess that up every time he starts to make progress. So ready for summer and to be done with those stupid things.

Not quite sure of the sippy yet. He'll take a few drinks, and then be done with it. Loves taking drinks out of my glass though...he is pretty good at it. And also loves when I give him a little pop out of my straw when we go out for supper. I created a monster with that, any time he sees a straw he has a fit until I give him some. Note to self: order water instead of pop...

Waves bye-bye when he feels like it. He knows how to, if you wave to him he just grins, then will start waving. Also shakes his head. That has sort of become the way he tells me he is done eating. If you shake your head at him he will copy and start doing most of the time.


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