Saturday, January 14, 2012

holiday mini-album

I never really mentioned it this year, but I did take pictures for a holiday album. It wasn't necessarily everyday, so technically not a December Daily like last year. Well, now that it is the middle of January, I finally got the pictures ordered. It took me longer than it should have to organize/edit them, and decide which ones to use. When it comes to ordering pics for scrapbooking, I tend to want to visualize what type of page I want to make, and order the photo size from there, so I like to go through each picture and crop it how I want, etc. It takes awhile, but that is how it works for me. I guess it would help if I kept on top of ordering pictures instead of ordering 500 at a time like I just did earlier this month! That is the other thing, I like to order 4x6's for my photo albums along with the pics I want to scrapbook. I probably make things way more complicated than it should be, but I don't want to scrapbook every single picture, I just do pages with the pictures I love, or that have a special meaning, and so on.

Back to the holiday album, when I got all the pics ready to upload to the site where I get all the pics I want to scrapbook...(, because they have so many different sizes!)...I open the page and NOOOOO!!! They are closed! Due to the economy and more competition, blah blah blah, they had to close. UGH! So I just finished ordering them from mpix, which does have great picture quality, just not near as many size options. :( I will survive I suppose.

SO, now I just have to wait to get those and then I can hopefully get it all put together quickly, before I forget why I took each picture. I will post some pics of it when I finally finish. Hopefully before June.

Sorry that was kind of a random post. My specialty is run-on sentences and jumping from one thing to another. Some days I wonder how my brain works.

Levi's 9 month update will be after his check-up on Tuesday, so I have all the stats!

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