Monday, January 30, 2012

baby shower!

I really need to start posting more between Levi's monthly updates. It has been almost 2 weeks... I know that the few people who do read this probably only check it for pics of Levi! Ha! I know what's important!! Just kidding! :) Sorta..

This weekend a friend and I hosted a baby shower at my house for one of our other friends and her new baby. It was a lot of work to plan, but it was fun! Only a few other friends came, but we had a good time! The baby's name is Pieper Ruth, and she is the sweetest little thing ever! She is just adorable! And such a good baby...she barely made a peep the whole time, except when she got hungry. Levi wasn't quite sure what to think of mommy holding another baby. He was curious, that is for sure. He had to go check her out a few times...we have to practice being nice and not trying to grab her face a bit yet He is still little so he didn't really know any better.

We made a rainbow cake, which was fun! Time consuming, but I think it turned out good, and everyone was impressed!!

I failed as photographer though, and didn't get a picture of Pieper and Molly, or one of all of us together. Bummer :( 

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