Sunday, February 19, 2012

10 months

Seems like I was just typing out Levi's 9 month post, and here we are already at 10 months. Yikes. Getting closer to one year! Crazy!! This month we had some more trouble with ear infections...he is currently on antibiotics again since his last one didn't go away. So the last 2 he has gotten have needed 2 rounds of meds. We are going to see his primary care doctor once he is done with this round, so she can just check his ears again and talk about it, then decide if we need to see a specialist. Not that I want him to get tubes, but I want him to feel better for more than 2 or 3 weeks at a time, and not have to be on those dumb antibiotics all the time. Paul is coming along to that appointment (thankfully!) and he is more apt to say what is on his mind, while I would just agree to whatever. Anyhoo, I will update once we know what is going on with that.

When he is feeling good, Levi is such a goof! We just love him to pieces! He's definitely still a momma's boy, but I have a feeling once this summer comes he'll want to be outside with daddy all the time so I figure I might as well enjoy it while it lasts. :)

At 10 months::

Weighs 21 lbs 5.5 oz (weight when I brought him to the dr. the day after his 10 month b-day)...lost an ounce since last month.

30.5 inches tall.

Size 4 dipes.

Size 12 month clothes.

Still only 4 teeth! The top middle ones are close, I can feel it's really hard there, but nothing through yet. I call him my little vampire...hehe! :)

Not walking yet, but he can balance on his own for a few seconds. He has actually stopped doing this since he's had his last ear infection, so hopefully once he feels better his balance will come back.

Is a picky eater! Must get that from daddy because it definitely isn't from me!! I think this might have something to do with the ear infections too, since that is all connected. Funny how much those things can affect... He does eat better at home now, at least the past couple weeks he has, than he does at daycare. There were a few days that he didn't eat anything besides his bottle all day. Just being a little stinker. He would come home and eat for me at supper, although only certain things that he likes, but he would at least eat. Hopefully now that his medicine should be kicking in he'll start to eat better.

On the list of foods he likes: peaches, mandarin oranges, mango, pineapple, pears, crackers, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, cheerios, puffs, mum-mums, noodles with spaghetti sauce, bread, plus a few I probable missed. Notice there are no vegetables on that list...I try and he just will not eat them. I guess he did have a few carrots for lunch the other day, like 3 or 4 pieces...whoop-de-doo. Hopefully as he gets older his taste will change too.

Sleeping his hit and miss depending on how he's feeling, if he's got an ear infection or not. When he feels good, he actually sleeps pretty good and takes decent naps. But if he's sick, then not so much.

Makes lots of noises, still no mama or dada! :) The latest is la-la-la, with his tongue coming out. It's pretty funny.

Starting to copy things more. He'll shake his head if we do, or if we say la-la-la then he will do it too.

Knows what NO means. That doesn't mean he listens to it though...ha. He thinks it's funny when we say no. Sometimes he'll shake his head if I tell him no.

Is NOT afraid of the stairs. Going down them I mean. One of us forgot to shut the gate going down to the basement the other day, and in the 2 minutes when Paul went upstairs and I thought he was in the living room while I was doing something on the computer quick, Levi somehow managed to get down the first 2 steps to the landing in front of the door which then goes to the basement. I found him before he went down the basement steps, but I am positive he would have done it. He crawls towards the stairs when we are upstairs too, we only have a gate at the bottom of those stairs. So we have to really watch him now. Stinker.

Still attached to the binker. Especially when he doesn't feel good or is tired.

Starting to get more interested in books. Not so much at bedtime because he wants his bottle NOW, but I brought a pile downstairs and he likes looking at them. His favorite is a lift-flap one. He likes to lift the flaps himself.

Tries to crawl out of the bathtub...when he's done, he wants out. Now. Does NOT like getting his hair rinsed. I've started only washing it every other time unless he gets food in it or something. When he is in the tub though, he does like the water and splashing and playing with his toys.


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