Friday, February 24, 2012

High Five for Friday

Getting a little late but here's my five:

1. Levi's first time in the pool!
He wasn't too sure about it. Definitely wasn't a fan of the floaty...he was very unsure the whole time he was in there. After I took a few pics of him and Paul, I got in and held him, then he was okay. It probably didn't help that the water was a bit chilly. At least he didn't scream the whole time!

2. We got a new TV. Our old one was junk, the channels were fuzzy and we know it wasn't the cable because the TV Paul has in the basement was perfectly clear. So we found one at Best Buy and brought it home. It's like twice the size of the old one! :)

3. My first Swap and Shop purchase on I joined a couple local 'swap and shop' groups on facebook where people are having 'virtual garage sales' and so on. I like to look, but I'd rather actually GO to sales this summer. Seems like a lot of extra work having to take pictures of everything, post it online, then deliver/meet someone just to sell some clothes and such. I bought a few onesies, and only because the gal lived in the same town that Paul works in and could easily drop them off.

4. My sister baby-sat Levi on Monday this week b/c there was no daycare. He had a fun day with Auntie Katie!

5.Chocolate Sheet Cake. Mmmmm.

I made this from the Pioneer Woman's cookbook this week. Turned out delicious! I sent some to work with Paul b/c it makes more than we could eat ourselves.

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  1. Looks like a fun time in the pool! And how yummy does that chocolate sheet cake look, wow!