Friday, February 10, 2012

ear infections SUCK!

Yes, that's right, Levi has another ear infection. Five so far. It seems worse this time, but maybe it's because he screams so much louder now, just in general! High-pitched, shrill screams are his favorite noise to make right now! It's cute when they're happy screams, but at night when he's crying along with it, not so fun. He's got a different medication, called Cefprozil, so hopefully it will help. The dr. also prescribed some ear drops, which would probably work good, but I can't get them in his ears without him rubbing them or turning his head, so I'm sure it all runs out. We've been giving him infant ibuprofen at night and that seems to help for the first part of the night.

During the day he is usually pretty good, for the most part. Besides being tired from not sleeping at night... Here are a few pictures!

I took these in the afternoon when we got back from the dr. a few days ago. He does good if I play with him and keep my attention on him, but if I try to get something done quick or leave the room he is not happy. Part of it might be a stage he is going through, too, but the ear infections don't help. I am just so ready for this winter to be done, and hopefully he won't get these stupid things any more. Maybe he will finally start to sleep better then!

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