Friday, May 18, 2012

high five for friday

Another week that went by fast! I have a feeling this whole summer is going to fly by. Every year it goes faster and faster! I hope we are able to enjoy every minute though!

 Here are my five:

1. Leonard and Louise's. It's a sale that is held twice a year, and they sell antiques, re-done furniture, etc. for really good prices. The couple that does it fixed up an old school house that they have the sale it and it's really cute. I try and get out there every time they have the sale and check out what they have. This year I scored an old wire basket, a couple bowls, a small crock, and some neat magnets.

2. Pizza party! Paul's sister was home this past weekend, so we all went over and ordered pizza on Saturday night. Can't go wrong with Pizza Hut and the white sauce that you can only at the Morris location! YUM!! It was fun to see her and hang out with the family for the evening.

3. Helping daddy in the garden.
Levi had a blast playing in the dirt while Paul planted some onions in the garden. It was bath night anyway, so I just let him go at it! Typical boy who loves getting dirty!!

4. Grandma came to visit!
My mom came up to make some cake pops for my cousin's graduation this weekend, and when she got here Levi was down for a nap. When he woke up and I brought him down stairs he had his head on my shoulder yet, and as soon as he heard grandma's voice, he whipped around and practically jumped into her arms! Luckily I had my camera close so I could snap a picture quick! :)

5. Lou's Greenhouse. Jess and I went there this morning. It was fun but also a workout with the kiddos along!! I have to say they were very well-priced though, definitely glad we checked it out!

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