Friday, May 25, 2012

13 months

Just wanted to do a quick update of Levi at 13 months with some pics and the fun new things he's been doing! I'll do his height/weight updates when we have his check-ups with the dr.

Getting these pictures was a CHALLENGE! Holy cow! Stand still? NO WAY MOM!! Haha! I had to make some very loud, obnoxious noises to get him to even look my direction and smile or laugh. I'm pretty sure the neighbors weren't home otherwise I'm sure they would have wondered about me. :) I am happy with the ones I got, they capture his busy, non-stop personality well! Good practice with my camera on manual too. ;)

At 13 months::

He is walking all over...go, go, GO!

Can go down the stairs by himself. (I still stay close since he's only been doing this for a week or so) He actually sort of surprised me with this one. I only started showing him how to come down on his tummy a few times, and it must have just clicked. He does really good with it!

Pointing at everything! Once he figured out how to do that, he is always pointing at something.

I swear his first word is 'shoes'. Random, yes. When I tell him let's go bye-bye, he runs to the basket I keep by the door with all his shoes, grabs one and goes 'sh-sss'...or something to that effect. Pretty cute!

Calls daddy from the top of the stairs by the gate when he goes in the basement, or just anywhere. He goes 'Da! Da! DA!' over and over. Not dada, just DA.

Obviously loves being outside!

He can operate the little 4-wheeler we got him for his birthday on his own now. Once he figured that out, he was pretty proud of himself! Of course, he can't steer or anything, and he doesn't look where he's going. So he'll be pushing the button looking at me with this big grin...pretty hilarious!! :) Also notice how he stands up while driving it...such a boy!!

Dances! Oh. My. Heavens. It is SOOO funny!! We went to Madison's spring program the other night at the church and Paul and I were CRACKING UP because he was standing our our lap, holding onto the pew in front of us and just movin' and shakin' while the kids sang! He shakes his butt and moves his head and shoulders, sometimes he'll start waving his arms around! So stinkin' funny!!

He is as such a fun age right now, and I think we are in for a super fun summer!!

btw...sorry no high five for Friday post this week!

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