Friday, February 8, 2013

22 weeks

How far along?: 22 weeks 1 day
How big is baby?: Weighs almost 1 pound and about 11 inches long.
Weight gain?: +2 lbs since last week, so around 12 lbs total. It feels like a lot more than that.
Stretch marks?: Same.
Maternity clothes?: Yep!
Sleep?: Not great this week, but not because of being preggo. Levi has been up a lot at night and up early in the mornings for some reason lately.
Best moment this week?: Listening to Levi say 'Baby [pause] seeter.' He always pauses in the middle when he says two words together yet.
Food cravings?: Nothing particular. Right now I want Peachy-O's.
Gender?: Girl!
Movement?: Oh yeah, lots!
Belly button?: Squished.
What I miss?: Nothing comes to mind..
Labor signs?: None.
What I'm looking forward to?: Doctor appointment on Wednesday for Levi and I. I love hearing baby girl's heartbeat, and I hope we can get something for the dry skin Levi has had lately.
Milestone? I don't think so.

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