Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Levi at 22 months

I haven't done any sort of update on all of the new things Levi has been learning and doing lately, so even though I'll probably do another one after he is two, I wanted to get as many of those little things down on here before I forget them.

He is very strong-willed and stubborn. He knows what he wants, and doesn't forget anything. He doesn't miss much.

He is saying a ton of words. He'll pretty much copy anything you say, or try to say it. He's putting words together now, with a little pause in between them. I might try and do another video sometime soon.

His favorite words are no and mine. Surprise, right? Lately he has been saying 'mine turn', or he'll add a few extra 'turns' on there like 'mine turn turn turn'. He does that with other words too, he'll repeat it a few times. Only words that have one syllable though usually.

He likes to wash his hands with 'doap'. He would stand and play under the running faucet for hours if I let him, yet he hasn't been fond of baths again lately. The last few weeks he has not wanted to take baths, specifically when it comes to washing him and washing his hair. I'm trying to get him to understand that if he sits still while I rinse his hair he won't get any water on his face, but it's not clicking yet. He loves the shower when Paul or I are in it, but does NOT want to take one. When I take a shower in the mornings, he has to have all of his clothes and diaper off too, then he'll get in and out at the end of the shower. He'll stick his foot or hand out under the water but he won't go completely under it. If he's feeling brave he'll stick his head under a little and get his hair wet, but only on the very edge where it's mostly just the mist from the shower head. I just think it's funny.

He likes to run around without his pants on, or a shirt, but I guess that is any little kid! :)

His favorite foods are hotdogs, mac and cheese (noonles), cottage cheese, most fruit, Gerber cereal bars, yogurt, Schwan's mini pancakes. He also loves sausage, pepperoni, ham, and will usually eat hamburger. Lately he's been into having cereal with milk, probably because that's usually what I have for breakfast, so he wants it too. He loves Frosted Mini Wheats with the fruit in the middle, and he likes Rice Krispies, Froot Loops, and Grape Nuts too. Paul had a piece of toast the other morning, so now he has had to have toast with jelly all the time too. Still not keen on veggies, although he will eat lettuce with 'dippee' aka the Dorothy Lynch dressing that Paul likes on his salads. If I have veggies with dip, he usually will just want a piece of broccoli and keep dipping and sucking it off of the same piece, but the other day he saw the bag of broccoli in the fridge and wanted the 'brock' and 'dippee', so I let him have some since I didn't want to discourage the fact that he was choosing to eat a vegetable for a snack, even if I knew he wouldn't actually eat it. Well, I could hardly believe my eyes when he actually took a tiny little bite off the broccoli floret and DIDN'T SPIT IT OUT! I just watched to see what he did, and he ended up eating the WHOLE piece of broccoli! He ate another piece too! Heaven only knows if this will be a normal occurance from here on out, but I was proud of him for trying it!

The few times he has been able to go on a snowmobile ride with Paul this winter, he has loved it. As in, not wanting to get off, throw a fit when he has to come in the house, kind of loved it. I'm thinking we are going to have a sled head on our hands as he gets older! Which I'm sure Paul will hate... :)

He has this fascination with being on the counter and just looking in the cabinets, and messing with his cups and things. Usually I'll lift him up there to pick out a snack he wants or let him pick his juice cup, and then he will just doidle and get mad when I put him down. Stinker.

He's very dramatic. When he's happy, he's fun and goofy and all around in a good mood. But when he doesn't get something he wants, or if he gets in trouble, boy can he throw a fit. The lip comes out, and the tears come...he knows how to work it. All of which can happen in a millisecond.

He knows his colors pretty well for the most part. His favorite color, and the one he knows the best, is blue (boo). The other ones that he knows really good are yellow (hello), green (geen), purple (puhple) and orange. He knows pink and red, but not as well as the others. He insists that red is purple. I will ask what color something red is and he'll say purple, so I tell him 'It's red, can you say red?' and he tells me 'No! Pupple.' If I ask him to give me something that is a certain color, he does very good that way. He also likes everything to match now. Mostly when it comes to the plastic plates, bowls and spoons that he uses. If he has his lunch or snack in a green plate or bowl, he needs to have a green spoon too.

He's started saying 'mommy' and 'da-ee' instead of 'mama' and 'dada'.

I can't think of anything else at the moment. He's quite the kid and we love him so much!!

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