Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random thoughts + Pics

Just a few random thoughts followed by an overload of pictures, since I apparently can't keep on top of that. Or I just take too many. Anyway..

• Why do people feel the need to move to the right, into the bypass lane, before making a left turn? Really? Kind of defeats the purpose of a bypass lane if I can't fit around you to bypass. So annoying!

• Latest trend in Instagram? Selling clothing. I recently came across a couple ladies selling some baby girl clothes. Yeah. Not good for my non-existent will power. A few of the things I got...

Cuteness, right?! Love, love those little Pumas!!

• Speaking of cute little girly clothes, I also bought few things on clearance this weekend when we stopped at Target and Runnings. I have a weakness for the adorable little Carhartt and western things in Runnings so I was excited when I saw they had some clearance racks! And the day I can't find anything freaking adorable that I can't live without at Target will be, well, never. :)

• Levi has been saying and doing some funny things lately. That is, when he's not being a little stinker. Good grief, that kid is a handful. He is happy, smiley, goofy one minute, then BAM he's mad about something. It has been interesting around here lately. I am hoping to do a little update post about some of the things Levi has been up to soon.

• I had a whole list of things in my head that I was going to write here, but can I think of any of those things now? Not so much. I will think of everything an hour after I post this.

And now here are the pictures::

Every time we go downstairs, Levi wants to wear Paul's cowboy hat. The afternoon I took these, he decided to put the horse and cow from his Little People barn into a fence that came with a little set that Paul bought him earlier in the week. He was snacking on some yogurt covered raisins, and was 'feeding' them to the animals too. My little farmboy already!
These are from this past Saturday when we went bowling with my family for our January birthdays get-together.
Going for a short ride on the 4-wheeler with daddy. They wouldn't look at me at the same time, goof balls. Every one I have of Paul looking at the camera, Levi was looking somewhere else, and vice versa. Oh well, still cute.
 This is how he likes to have his tent set up a lot of the time. We pull off the couch cushions and he has a nice platform to put it on.
 I made Levi some play-dough the other morning and he had fun with it. He liked sticking all his spoons and straws into it.
 That same evening I made him some bathtub paint to try out in his bath that night. Can you tell I was browsing my Pinterest boards that day? Haha. They got a little runny, so if I do it again I'll make it thicker so it sticks better to the tub. He thought it was more fun to dump it into the water. Obviously I had to run some new water before I actually cleaned him off! :)

Well that got quite long! I'll be back tomorrow or Friday (hopefully) with my 22 week pregnancy update :)

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