Friday, October 25, 2013

Photo update :)

Just sharing a few pics from the past couple weeks!

He is always loving on her. "My 'nuggle her." or "My wove her." or "My jus give her hugs."
 He was a teensy bit excited to be sitting by Hunter and Reese on our hayride last week. Silly kid.
 And then this little eskimo. She wasn't real impressed with being bundled up. Obviously.
 Her snowsuit was a little big for her. We had to get a pic of the girls together!
 Typical lazy morning when daddy is home.
 This little stinker is really working hard on getting up on all fours. Ack! A few more weeks and I'm afraid she'll be up and rocking back and forth. Mommy is in no way ready for two mobile little people.
 Yep, she is pretty proud of herself!
Her other favorite thing to do is chew on her feet. Or suck on her big toe as pictured below. 
 And one more pic of my two monkeys. It was kind of funny, as I went through these pics deciding which to post, there was a series of a few of them, and they both had similar expressions in each picture. Poor Levi has a bit or a rash/dry skin around his mouth and chin. I've been trying to put lotion on at night, but I'm sure a lot of it is the fact that he still has his binker for nap and night time.
Have a good weekend!

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