Monday, October 14, 2013

Right Now Challenge | Week 3

Totally forgot to post these last night! Here is my list from last week.

- Paige is laying on the floor on her tummy and Levi tells me he is going to help Paige crawl. "My be teacher," he says. Then he gives her a little push on the butt as he says, "Only teachers push her."

- Leaving the farm the other night, as we are driving down the driveway, Levi says, "My weal-wey wove Gwanma. My just miss her."

- Paige can wiggle herself in a complete circle on her tummy on the floor when she wants to.

- I went upstairs to get Levi when I heard he was awake after his nap. I sat on the edge of his bed, he looked at me and smiled, crawled over and put his head on my lap and said, "My wove you." Aw! When we went downstairs and I changed his diaper, he then tells me, "My not wove you." He thought he was funny! :)

- Paige turned 4 months old!

- Paige really discovered her feet this week...constantly grabbing them!

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