Monday, October 21, 2013

Right Now Challenge | Week 4

Wow, I am starting to wonder if I should make this a Monday post since I keep forgetting about it on Sundays. Oh well! Better late than never, right?

- Conversation with Levi:
                    Me: "Levi, come in the living room and I'll turn cartoons on for you while I feed Paige."
                    Levi: (pauses) "No! My just feed her in dog house!"
                    Me: "You want to feed her in your dog house? Where is that?"
                    Levi: "Yeah. In my room. My build it. My just build it."
                    Me: "Um, ok, you go build that while I feed Paige."
                    Levi: (runs into living room) "Bob Builder just use my tools!"
Yes, random. I would love to see how that brain of his works.

- Levi: "Big boys make babies laugh."

- Levi is standing on his stool by the counter, playing with the wick trimmer for my candles:
                    Me: "Levi, put that down please. I don't want you to break it, and I don't want you to get hurt, either."
                    Levi: (pause) "My be fiiiiine."

- I told Levi to go pick up a toy Paige dropped out of her bouncer, he responds, "We-vi, on double! We-vi, on double!" as he runs over there. (It's a phrase that one of the characters in a cartoon he watches says...Rubble, on the double! He misses nothing.)

That's all for this week! (or last week I guess.)

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