Thursday, January 16, 2014

January photo update!

Sharing some pictures from the first couple weeks of January.

Miss Paige likes to climb on things now. She thinks she is pretty smart! It's hilarious to watch her get up on something and just smile because she is so proud of herself! Obviously it's nothing too far from the ground, and I am right there if she gets too close to the edge. Just today she scaled the stairs twice, and makes a beeline if she looks in that direction. So I put the gate back up. Womp, womp.
Not much needed for explanation here. My farmboys just checking out some tractors!
MUST GET ALL THE CORDS!! As you can imagine she needed some assistance getting out of there.
Thought we would end our weekend with some root beer floats. Paige was not impressed with me putting her down to take a picture, even if it was by daddy, and Levi was not about to distract his attention from his float. Meh, I'll take what I can get at this point.
Stinker butt. She climbs up on the far right side then crawls across to the other side. She does pretty good getting down since its on a few inches up.
And just a couple cute ones of Paige in her bibs, because who doesn't love babies in overalls?

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