Monday, January 27, 2014

Right Now Challenge | 7

I have sort of been neglecting to do these posts for the past couple months. For awhile I was still writing things down, just kept putting off typing them up. But I just looked and now the last thing I wrote in my notebook was on December 31st...whoops! Ha. So I thought I would back-track a bit and try to get caught up. From now on, I'm just going to do an update whenever, instead of weekly. Here goes!


- Me: "Levi, what's it doing outside?"
  Levi: "Snowing! It snowing. It help make me so happy!"
  (He was excited to go sledding.)

- Paige is army crawling all over.

- Coversation about tummies with Levi:
  "Paige jus' have her small tummy. My have my wittle tummy. You jus' have your big tummy. Daddy jus' have his hairy tummy." Bahaha OMG I about died.


- Levi's latest saying: "Oh Gosh!"

- Levi was being whiney and was saying "Mommy! Mommy!" so I said "What-ey? What-ey?" He got mad and I heard him say "That make me cry!" I asked him "What makes you cry?" "Your silly words make me cry." Oh boy, we sure have a dramatic one!

- Levi: "You join me read this book? You join me!"


- Vacuuming today: Levi gets into his usual corner on the couch and covers himself with pillows. Any time I stop the vacuum (turn it off), he says "Shew! My safe. Shew!"

- Eating breakfast at the table, Paige is crawling around on the floor next to us. She starts to scoot under the table, Levi tells her, "No, Paigey, you can't go unner there." I asked him, "Why can't she go under the table, you go under there all the time?" He replied, "It dangerous. Don't go unner there Paigey, it dangerous."

- As I try to take Levi's plate away from him after he takes the last bite of his hotdog, he pulls it back.
  Levi: "No, don't take it."
  Me: "Why not? Your hotdog is all gone."
  Levi: "There still ketchup on it."
  Me: "But your hotdog is gone, so you don't need it anymore."
  Levi: "That why I need to use my finger."

- Whining for one reason or another. Out of desperation to stop said whining, I offer Levi a fruit snack. His response: "Yeah. That going calm me down."


-Latest phrase that makes us laugh: "My got idea!" or "My got a plan!"

- After saying prayers at bedtime, Levi looks at me and says: "Sometimes my daddy pee outside." Umm. Ok. He is the king of random...

- "Don't 'get about me!" (Don't forget about me!)


- While driving around town looking at Christmas lights, Levi says, "My wish we got Cwistmas wights on our house."


- At the grocery store, Levi wanted to push a little cart. When we got to the aisle with the fruit snacks, he runs over to them, puts his arms out like he is pretending to hug them, and says, "Muh! Muh! My wuv you fwuit snacks! Muh! Muh!" (kissing sounds).

- After getting done at the grocery store, I asked Levi if he wanted to go to McDonalds for lunch to get some chicken nuggets. His response was, "Yeah! My do hawn (want) go Old MacDonald's!" Lol.

That's all until next time!

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