Saturday, February 15, 2014

8 months

8 months old already! That last month just flew past. Miss Paige is just as active as ever. She doesn't let much slow her down. Crazy girl! We just love her to pieces!
 Paige, at 8 months old::

- Weighs about 16 lbs 10 oz.

- Guessing between 27 and 28 inches tall.

- Size 9 month clothes.

- Size 4 diapers.

- Sleep is still unpredictable. She is on her fourth ear infection since her 6 month check-up as of yesterday, so we are either dealing with that, or she has been teething. So not a whole lotta rest for mom and dad. Thankfully Levi sleeps right through it.

- On the subject of ear infections, we are pretty sure that she'll end up getting tubes like Levi did. Paul and I are actually hoping to get them done sooner than Levi did with the route we're on with Paige. They helped him so much, and we just want her to have some relief and get some sleep! Then I can also stop constantly worrying if she has an ear infection, or if she is just teething, or what.

- Doing well with the bottle. She still doesn't drink or eat near as much as Levi did, but she's also pretty active. She has been eating some oatmeal cereal in the mornings, and once in a while I'll get her to have a bit of baby food, but for the most part, she wants to do it herself. I usually cut things up and let her go to town. She loves fruit, especially oranges, bananas and strawberries. She'll usually try the veggies I put on her tray, but she won't eat near as much as the fruit. She also still loves the baby mum-mums and puffs.

- She has been blowing raspberries with her lips and tongue a lot lately. Too funny! She still says da-da-da a lot, and says buh-buh-buh now too. And she likes to squeal!

- She FINALLY has a tooth! Her bottom left one finally came through, and the other one is pretty darn close. I can see it, but it hasn't popped through the gums yet.

- Pushes her walk-behind toy and Levi's car around and walks behind them. Cruises along the couch and other furniture. She can balance on her own, but usually when she realizes what she is doing she falls to her butt. I think in a couple months she'll be walking, but we'll see! Levi was doing a lot of what she's doing at this age too, and he didn't walk until 12 months. Never know! :)

- She likes to carry things around in her mouth while she is crawling. Like her socks or random toys. Ha!

- No fear! She would crawl right off the top of the stairs if I didn't watch her.

- Loves her big brother! She wants to be wherever he is.

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