Monday, February 3, 2014

Pics from lately

I haven't posted any pics of the kids lately so I thought I better do that!

Levi thought his little fort was pretty cool! He sat in there and watched cartoons for a little while. 

This first one of Paige just cracks me up! What a ham! She likes helping with the dishwasher, just like Levi did. After these pics, she was up on the door.

Paul is finally going to finish the wall in the kitchen where we put the new window. (Where the patio door used to be.) He tore off the old wainscoting and Levi thought he better help daddy, so he went and got the bin that has all his tools in it so he could help. "My jus' helping daddy!"

Paige is walking behind things now, mostly her lion push toy because Levi won't let her near his little car unless he is riding it and she is walking behind him. He thinks it's pretty funny. We keep reminding him that he needs to go very slow. It's so cute, if she falls, he'll stop and wait for her to get back up and hang on again.

Paige also figured out how to climb up the front of her push toy. Before I snapped this pic she had both feet up on it and her butt in the air. Of course when I got my camera she wouldn't do it again. Never fails! :)

And just one last one of my handsome little man.

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