Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekly Weigh-in | 5

Finally got both munchkins down for naps, so I thought I would try and get this typed up quick before one wakes up! I never know how long I will get! :)

This week wasn't too bad. I tried to really watch what I was eating for the most part. Except for a few outing occasions where I still need to learn how to say NO to certain things, ahem....french fries, ahem. They are my weakness. Anyhoo. When I am at home I'm doing ok, though. Finding snacks that satisfy my cravings has been the hardest. I love granola bars, but I'm trying to cut back on them since they are full of sugar, even though they aren't the worst...better than a cookie, right? I haven't been able to completely give up chocolate, but I try to have it in moderation, like a sprinkle of chocolate chips on some peanut butter spread over a rice cake, or things like that. Same with pop, I just don't buy it anymore so I'm not tempted at home, but when I eat out I still like to have it. I don't feel like I am doing too bad, but there is definitely room for improvement.

As for exercise, I think I finally found something that will work for me. I decided to do the Bikini Body Mommy 90 Day Challenge. It actually started on January 1st, so whoever started then is about half-way through, but I am going to start at the beginning and follow the videos on my own. I did the first one last night, and I am feeling it today! It hurts so good!! I tried the Turbofire dvd's a few times, and they are just not for me. I am not coordinated enough, I just feel like I am flailing my arms around looking like a doofus. I am hoping I can sell them for close to what I paid for them on the area swap site. Paul isn't thrilled with me for buying them and then selling them already, but oh well. I feel like I can stick to the videos I started last night better than I would with Turbofire.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Today's weight: 157.0
+/- from last week: -.8
Total loss: -6.2

What I did well this week
- Eating was pretty good while at home.
- Started a workout program.

What I did not do well this week
- Didn't choose smart when eating out.
- Still need to work on drinking enough water.

Goals for the coming week
- Keep making good food choices at home.
- Continue my workout plan. EVERY. DAY. No excuses!
- Make better choices when eating out. NO FRIES!! OR just don't eat out when possible!

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