Friday, June 1, 2012

High Five for Friday

Late today but at least I'm getting it posted! We had a really good Memorial weekend. A lot of running around some days, but it was fun. Here are my five!

1. Last Friday I went to St. Cloud with my friend Heather. We just had a few stops to make, so not a huge shopping trip or anything. We had Levi and her 6-week old along so we didn't have too high of expectations! For lunch we went to Buffalo Wild has been a looong time since I've been there, but YUM!! I had fish tacos and they were awesome! Really simple, but sooo good. That was probably the highlight of the trip for me, haha! :)

2. My mom turned FIFTY last week, and this past weekend we had a little 'surprise' supper for her. We took her out for supper and invited family to come with, but she didn't know it, so that was the surprise part! After supper, the six of us went back to their house and had a little bonfire after I put Levi to bed. Fun night!

3. Sunday night one of our friends turned THIRTY, so we went to a surprise birthday party for him, too. We actually missed the surprise because we were late, but it was fun to hang out with all of our friends in one place again! It's been a long, long time since we've done that. Getting married, having kids, and moving away can do that I guess!!

4. Memorial Day=LONG WEEKEND. Besides all the other fun stuff I already mentioned from the past weekend, we had Monday off, which is always nice.
The first pic is from Sunday at my mom and dad's...Levi loved 'driving' on grandpa's lawn mower! On Monday we grilled for supper, and the last pic is Levi's favorite place in the yard...the dirt. We don't have anything planted in that particular spot and that is the first place he goes when we're outside. He likes to watch the neighbor kids when they are outside too, that's what he's looking at.

5. ZUMBA!! I tried it for the first time on Thursday and it was a lot of fun! The class I went to was actually Club Zumba, and I probably would have benefited from going to one of the regular classes first to get some of the moves down, because I have ZERO. I'm not a natural dancer by any means, so it's going to take some practice before I get the feel for it. It's definitely a workout though!

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