Tuesday, May 28, 2013

37 weeks + a comparison

37 weeks. Officially full term! Which means that if I go into labor any time now, they won't try to stop it. Hallelujah! I actually feel pretty good most of the time, but I do get tired faster, and sore after a day of being on my feet a lot. Although I'm ready to meet this little girly anytime now, I would sort of like her to wait until June, since I already have something with the June birthstone in it! :) (It's an Origami Owl locket.) Anyhoo, here are this weeks stats..

How far along?: 37 wks 5 days (yes, I realize this is very close to 38 weeks so I am very late! Pic is accurate tho ;)
How big is baby?:About 6 1/3 lbs and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel.
Weight gain?: At my check-up last Thursday, I was half a pound less than the week before. So hovering right around the same weight for the past few weeks.
Stretch marks?: :( Yes, some are expanding since I am carrying different this time too. :(
Maternity clothes?: Yep. And some shirts are getting close to being too short.
Sleep?: Not bad, but it's tough to roll over sometimes. It would also be better if Levi would sleep longer in the mornings...
Best moment this week?: Paul's birthday and my cousin's wedding. Levi was the ring bearer and he looked flippin' adorable in the little tux that I borrowed for him to wear!! (Hopefully will post pics soon...)
Food cravings?: Nothing new.
Gender?: Girl!
Movement?: Yep! Sometimes it hurts when she stretches out in certain directions. Paul caught some good action the other night of my belly moving around and the look on his face was priceless! :) His comment was somewhere along the lines of "It looks like one of those movies where there is an alien inside of someone and all of a sudden an arm is going to poke out." Lovely. Haha :)
Belly button?: Still the same, out!
What I miss?: Free range of movement.
Labor signs?: Just some Braxton Hicks.
What I'm looking forward to?: If I was posting this on time, I could say I was looking forward to my mom coming up on Monday (Memorial Day) to help me do a few things, mainly sewing the dust ruffle for baby girl's crib. BUT, since that was yesterday and it already happened, I don't really have anything.
Milestone: FULL TERM!

AND, just for fun, here is a side-by-side comparison of me at 37 weeks when I was pregnant with Levi, and now. I can definitely see that I was rounder last time. This time it's more straight out I think.

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