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Levi turned two years old a few weeks ago! I can't believe it has already been two years since we brought that little peanut home from the hospital with his dark fuzzy hair and scrunchy face. It has been an amazing couple of years and he has brought us so much joy. And, at times, he has also made us want to pull our hair out. :) He had his two-year well check the week following his birthday so I thought I could finally get an update post done.
Getting a picture of Levi looking at the camera is nearly impossible these days. It's a game to see how fast he can get away, either that or as soon as he sees me with the camera out he wants to see the pictures. I just had his professional two-year pics done last week, so when I get those back I'll share them too.

Levi Ben, at two years old::

Is just shy of 3 feet tall, at 35 inches.

Weighs 29 pounds.

Has a head circumference of 49 cm.

Is in the 60th percentile (average) for height, weight, and head circumference.

Wearing mostly 24 month and 2T clothing. Favorite brands include Levi's jeans (obviously! but they also fit him the best!), Osh Kosh, Carhartt, Carter's, 77 kids (closed now), Old Navy, and of course he loves his tractor shirts from JD and IH.

Still in size 5 dipes. I don't think he is quite ready for potty training, so unfortunately I'll have 2 in diapers for awhile. We'll see what happens this summer. He isn't scared of the potty, he actually likes to sit on it, but he won't do anything on it. His idea of going potty is sitting on the potty, putting a piece of 'paper' in there, then getting off and flushing it. Notice how that didn't involve actually going potty. Also, he doesn't seem to care when he is wet or dirty. Soooo, we will see where the next few months brings us.

Wearing size 6 shoes. He still has pretty wide, chunky little feet. I am hoping this fall that I'll be able to find him a pair of cowboy boots that will fit!

Talking up a storm! He repeats pretty much everything we say. Some of the funny things he says are:
-If I ask him "Do you want ____, or not?" He will reply "Not."
-"Huh." is short for Ah-huh, as in yes. Or "Hmm." as in Mmhmm. If I ask him to say yes or no, he will say yes, but mostly if we ask him if he wants something, or to do something it is "Huh!" He has a certain tone in his voice when he says it.
-His blanket is "kankie" or "kakie".
-For the longest time, he was calling his binker "mer". Just in the last couple weeks, he is calling it "minker" now.
-"Dank yoo" is thank you.
-"Peas" is Please
-"Hahter" is water. He can't pronounce w's yet.
-If he is talking about himself, he will say "my" or "mine", like "Mine turn", "My do it", and so on.
-He calls grandma and grandpa "mama" and "papa", and Paul and I are "mommy" and "daddy".
-"Peter" is heater, as in the heater we have in the bathroom.
-If he doesn't want to do something, it is "No ____, hayder!", as in later. "No nap, hayder!" "No supper, hayder!" No nigh-nigh, hayder!". It is hilarious and frustrating at the same time because he doesn't understand what later means. I didn't realize I was telling him that we would do things later so much!
-Sometimes when we come home from somewhere, he will say "Hi, house." when we walk in the door. Or randomly say "Bye, _____." to things. Goofball.
-It is harder to remember these things off the top of my head than I thought it would be! I will probably have to come back and add some to the list as he says them.

If he could spend the whole day outside, he would be in heaven. Which has been hard since this winter has been NEVER ENDING. Aaaaanyways... The days we have been able to go outside, he is so happy. He loves being outside with daddy. His favorite thing to do is go on 4-wheeler rides. "4-heer". Hehe. Paul just got down his little turtle sandbox from last summer until he gets a bigger one built, so he has had fun with that the few times he has been able to play in it. He loves his bikes. He got a trike for his birthday, and I got him a little Strider (balance bike) from a swap and shop site online that he loves too. They are his "hed bike" and his "ornsh bike". He loves the little shovels that he has. Anything that Paul is doing, he is right there helping him, or watching. Coming back inside, on the other hand, is not usually as fun. A lot of the time coming in the house is followed by completely freaking out. Hopefully once the weather is steadily nicer, he'll understand that we can go outside later and not get so upset when we have to come back inside.

He's a typical boy, loves all things to do with tractors, big trucks, etc.

Getting more attached to daddy, especially because he knows he can go outside with daddy, or go to the farm, etc. Or maybe it's just because he gets sick of mommy by the end of the day!

Favorite movies lately are Elmo-Kid's Favorite Songs, Bob the Builder, John Deere Fun on the Farm, Little Einsteins.

Favorite cartoons are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Team Umizoomi, Max and Ruby, Dora the Explorer, Bubble Guppies, Little Einsteins, Doc McStuffins.

He's very social. Loves being around other people (most of the time), and loves when people come to our house. He's not too afraid of anyone.

Still loves cottage cheese, hotdogs, ham, and fruit. And still not a veggie eater. He's stubborn, I can't even bribe him into tasting anything yet! Other things that he does like are yogurt, toast with jelly, teddy grahams (chocolate), cereal, granola bars, yogurt covered raisins, pretzels. He's definitely got a sweet tooth too, that is for sure. Can't imagine where he got that from....

That is all I can think of for now, if I remember anything else I will come back and add it!

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