Thursday, May 16, 2013

Levi pics!

I know I haven't put too many pics of Levi up lately, so I thought I would share some from the past few weeks! It's hard to get pictures of him now because he never stops moving, and he literally ignores me when I have the camera most of the time. Typical 2 year old I'm sure! :)

He is into fixing anything and everything with his new tool set that he got for his birthday! So funny!

I managed to get his little 4-wheeler down from the rafters in the shed, and he insisted that he needed a trailer, so I tied a jump rope to his tractor that he is too big for now. He thought he was pretty cool!

Lounging in the chair watching cartoons.

We made some Jell-o jigglers on Mother's Day. Levi thought it was fun using the little cookie cutters to make the shapes!

Levi and mommy on Mother's Day.

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