Sunday, January 9, 2011

27 wks

This weekend was another full one. Saturday we celebrated Christmas with Paul's family. That was a lot of fun! It's always a good time watching the girls open their gifts and get so excited! Scott and Jenell really liked the camera that we all got them...they were definitely surprised! One of Paul's gifts from his mom & dad was a box full of 'goodies' from when he was a a couple of outfits, and his old blankie, and some he really liked that. I will be putting most of it into the cedar chest.

Today we went up to Foley for a fundraiser brunch in support of Sawyer. They had a great turn-out, so that was awesome. They served breakfast, and had a silent auction and bake sale going on too. I think it was put on by Thrivent. On the way home from the fundraiser, we stopped in St. Cloud to return the camera that I got a few weeks ago and decided I didn't like the picture quality...yes, I am picky... I didn't pick out another one yet, so hopefully I'll be able to find one that I like now. I just have to remember it's only a point and shoot and I have my dslr for better pictures. Anyhoo, we also stopped at Once Upon a Child. Pretty sure that is my new favorite store for baby clothes. We spent a grand total of $84 and got a pile of clothes, 2 pairs of little boots, and a carrier (that I have not figured out how to work yet...). So I think we got a pretty good deal, considering that a lot of the clothes were brand name. We'll definitely be stopping there whenever we go to St. Cloud from now on. :)

And the survey...

How far along?: 27 wks 2 days
How big is baby?: The size of an eggplant. About a foot long and weighing between 1.5 and 2 lbs.
Weight gain?: It doesn't feel like I've gained a lot this week, but I didn't weight myself either.
Stretch marks?: Still none.
Maternity clothes?: Yup. I can already see that some of the shirts I have might not be quite long enough in the end. Hopefully though...I don't want to buy any more unless I find something at Goodwill or something.
Sleep?: Good for the most part.
Best moment of the week?: Finding out that I passed my 3-hour glucose test!!!! I was so relieved!
Food cravings?: Not so much anything in particular.
Gender?: Baby BOY :)
Movement?: Quite a bit this past week! Last night when we got home I was laying in bed after Paul fell asleep and he was going crazy in there! I enjoy every minute of's soooo amazing to be able to feel that!!
Belly button?: Still an innie, but it's getting shallower. It's starting to look sort of funny.
What I miss?: My butt not hurting when I sit for awhile.. Not so fun at work..
Labor signs?: None yet, hopefully it stays that way for awhile.
What I'm looking forward to?: Working on the nursery some more in the next few weeks.
Milestone?: Officially 6 months along, meaning only 3 (short) months left!! :)

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