Sunday, January 16, 2011

28 weeks

The past week seemed like it lasted forever, but the weekend went by so fast. What's new, huh? We went up to Alex on Thursday after work to get a new light fixture to put up in the nursery. We found one we liked and Paul put it up Saturday morning. Friday night we put the changing table together that finally came! It looks really nice. Saturday I bummed around during the day...I had zero motivation to do anything productive for some reason....then that evening I went up to Glenwood to see some friends from college that I hadn't seen in like a year! Way too long! It was a fun time, and we definitely need to do it more often!! Miss those girls. Today we celebrated Christmas with the Steffen's (last one for the year FINALLY :) It was great to see everyone there too, since we don't see that side of the family as much. Of course, everyone is super excited for the baby to come! Poor kid isn't going to get any space when we're around my family, on either side! Lol. Big family = lots of love :) If you like it or not...hehe.

I have been feeling quite a bit of kicking and punching from the little guy this last week though. I seem to feel it more when I'm sitting at work, and at night. Like today I didn't feel a whole lot because I was up and down and not just sitting still for very long. But on the way home and stuff I felt some little jabs. I am definitely tired-out though after this weekend. I will probably be hittin' the sack a little early tonight if I can.

How far along?: 28 wks 2 days
How big is baby?: Still an eggplant according to the bump
Weight gain?: Weighed myself the other morning and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Gained another couple pounds, but not as much as I thought. Up a total of around 25 lbs so far.
Stretch marks?: I have a little one across the top scar from my bellybutton ring, but that's all so far.
Maternity clothes?: Yep
Sleep?: Good
Best moment this week?: Putting together the changing table. That's the last 'big' piece of furniture for the nursery, so now I can start worrying about the smaller things!
Food cravings?: Same
Gender?: Boy
Movement?: Lots lately, and loving every second of it!
Belly Button?: Still an innie, but getting closer to popping..
What I miss?: Nothing coming to mind tonight.
Labor signs?: NONE. But I think I might have had a Braxton Hicks contraction the other day. It was sort of a weird feeling.
What I'm looking forward to?: Finishing the nursery. I think I said that last week too but oh well.
Milestone?: 3rd Trimester! Excitement and panic setting in all at once.....

I decided to do a full body shot so I could show off my new jeans! They are from the Gap...I got them almost half-off. I really like how they fit, they look more like regular jeans, and the panel is great too. The only thing I'm not crazy about is that they are a little low, like where the panel meets the denim. So I'm always fiddling and pulling them up so my love handles don't stick out too much. It probably doesn't look as bad as I think, but that's something I've always been self-concious about. Overall I think they look pretty good though! :)

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