Sunday, January 23, 2011

29 weeks

So, 29 weeks, that means next week will be 30??? Time has gone so fast. I have a hard time believing I am already in 3rd tri, but I guess I better start! :)

This week was good...another where the week seems long but the weekend flies by. Guess that usually happens when you have things to look forward to on the weekends. Thursday was fun, I went out for supper with some girlfriends to the Mexican restaurant in Benson. I think I could go there and eat just the chips and salsa they give you for free....sooo good. Saturday my mom and sister came up to go with me to Jess's Pampered Chef party, and then we went to Alex to get a few things. One of those being super-cute fabric for a crib skirt and window valance for the nursery! It doesn't have orange in it like my initial plans were, but I really like it and Paul did too.

On the subject of the nursery, we decided that we might paint one of the walls another color since the green is SO bright. I mean, I love the color, but right now you walk in there and everything practically glows in this neon-green. So now that we have fabric we can match to, we're going to take a color from that and paint the biggest wall, the one with across from the crib, a dark blue.

I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday that I am looking forward to. I always love hearing my little peanut's heartbeat! :) Paul is coming with me this time so I am happy about that too. We are going to register, so that will also be FUN!! As long as Paul is in a good mood that is...haha. I am pretty excited about it though. I think in my head, it just means one step closer to being prepared, one thing to cross off the list.

We also decided on a stroller (FINALLY), after making my brain hurt looking at all the flippin' options online. But I think we will be happy with our decision. It is a travel system with a jogging stroller. We thought that would be the best option since I am planning on using it mostly for walks, etc. It might be a little bulky for shopping (and craft sales :):)), but if we need to get a smaller umbrella type stroller eventually we can always do that in the future. Hopefully we'll be ordering it soon, and I will share pics once we get it.

How far along?: 29 weeks 2 days
How big is baby?: The size of a squash! Around 1.5' long and between 2.5-3.8 lbs.
Weight gain?: I don't feel like I've gained too much this past week. I weighed myself on Wednesday (I think) and was up a few pounds, but nothing I'm too worried about. Guess I will find out for sure at my appt. Tuesday!
Stretch marks?: So far none yet, except for the little one on the scar from my belly button piercing..
Maternity clothes?: Uh, yeah.
Sleep?: Still good for the most part.
Best moment this week?: Hanging out with my mom and sister yesterday.
Food cravings?: I have been wanting Subway a lot lately. I don't get to surrender to that one too often though.
Gender?: Boy! :)
Movement?: Oh yeah. Some days he is more active than others, but I still feel him quite a bit.
Belly button?: Not much change since last week.
What I miss?: My motivation...I have been sort of lazy lately.
Labor signs?: None
What I'm looking forward to?: My dr. appt. on Tuesday and then REGISTERING!!! Yay!! :)
Milestone?: Hmmm....making it another week?

Wow, daylight can make a big difference in picture quality! :) At least I don't look yellow.


  1. i found you off of love stiched! good luck with the baby! sooooo exciting!!!!!!!!