Friday, January 7, 2011

nursery progress

Just wanted to post a few pics of how the nursery is coming along! Here are a few of us painting, and of the room once we put what we have for furniture back. Hopefully the changing table will ship soon, and I would like to get a bookshelf or something too. I will be ordering fabric for the crib bedding pretty soon, and my mom and grandma are going to help me make a skirt and bumper...and hopefully some curtains to match! I am excited to see how it comes together!

27 week post coming later today...or at least sometime this weekend! :)

One last thing... I am done with my December Daily album, just waiting for the pictures to come so I can put it all together! I haven't forgotten, just keep putting off taking pictures of it, so I figured I'll just wait until it's all done now.

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