Monday, January 31, 2011

30 weeks

Wow, I can't believe I have had this little bean growing in my tummy for 30 weeks!! It has gone by fast, and I'm sure the next 10 will go by even faster! It seems like a long time, but really it's not. I have been feeling good the past week for the most part. I had some back pain on Friday that was not fun, but it has felt pretty good for the last couple days. I feel huge, and it gets harder and harder to bend over and do certain things. But I am loving all the moving around peanut is doing. Lately he's been just pushing out more than kicking, but when he does give a good kick, it definitely surprises me sometimes! Just over the last couple days when he pushes/kicks, I've been able to actually feel his foot (or something) push back against my fingers if I press against my stomach. It's pretty neat!

On Saturday while I was at my mom & dad's, Paul painted one wall in the baby room a dark blue to off-set the glow of the green that was goin' on. It looks really good, and made a big difference!

This isn't the greatest pic, but it gives you the idea. While I was at my parents', my grandma and mom helped me make a crib skirt and window valence for the room. They turned out super cute! We are almost done in the baby room, so I will post pics when we get everything up. The main thing that is left is spray-painting a bunch of frames I got from Goodwill and putting them on the wall.


How far along?: 30 wks 3 days (CRAZY!!)
How big is baby?: The size of a squash. Around 4lbs I would guess.
Weight gain?: At my dr. appt. last Tuesday it said I gained 7 lbs since last month, but when I weighed myself the next morning it was like 4 lbs less than that.
Stretch marks?: Tear....yes, a few are starting to show. It's all downhill from here... :(
Maternity clothes?: Ha, yep. I am outgrowing a few shirts.
Sleep?: For the most part, good. Thursday night, not so good. I had this pain in the middle of my back, and no matter which way I laid, it hurt. So obviously didn't get much sleep that night. Since then it's felt fine though. I'm sure my days are numbered so I'm trying to enjoy it..
Best moment this week?: Feeling a little foot push against my fingers when I pressed my amazing!
Food cravings?: Chocolate this week for some reason...dark chocolate.
Gender?: Baby boy!
Movement?: Oh yes, lots! Plenty of wiggling and kicking, along with pushing out and up into my ribs.
Belly button?: Still in but getting wider.
What I miss?: Being able to do things like stand up/sit down/bend over/etc. without automatically making an 'ugh!' or 'ooof' noise! Lol!
Labor signs?: Nope. I think I may have had a couple Braxton Hicks contractions, but I'm not sure because it's not like I was super uncomfortable. It just felt like my stomach was super-hard. So I don't know for sure... But nothing other than that thank goodness!
What I'm looking forward to?: Honestly, I am starting to look forward to being able to wear normal-size clothing again....someday...
Milestone?: 30 WEEKS!! Which means only 10 OR LESS left!!!! So much to do, so little time!!! :)

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