Saturday, January 1, 2011

26 wks

I skipped a week. Since last week was Christmas and we were at my family's, I got a little off track. Not a whole lot has changed really anyways. Just keep growing! :) We had a really great Christmas, and it was awesome to see all of my family that I don't see much anymore. Christmas Eve we had our traditional Chicken Noodle Soup at my Grandma's house, and then went back to my mom & dad's where we opened gifts with them and my sister and her husband. My parents got us a video camera so we were pretty happy with that! My mom and dad loved the gifts that us kids got them, and Katie and Josh also loved what they received. It was just great to be able to spend some time together! Christmas Day was spent at the farm with the extended family on my mom's side. The day consisted of eating all afternoon (we do munchies/appetizers instead of a big meal), talking, playing games, and of course opening gifts. Lots of fun! This weekend we don't have any Christmas celebrations, then next week we will be with Paul's immediate family, and the weekend after that is my Christmas with my dad's side. On one hand it's nice that everything is spread out so we're not driving constantly, but on the other it kinda stinks that our January is so full already! I guess it will make the month go by super-fast, which will mean that it's sooner to when the baby comes! :) It's hard to believe that there is only three more months left before my due date!! We still have SO much to do and get. On that note, we got the nursery painted this weekend since it was snowy weather and Paul was here. I will get some pictures posted once we get the room back into a little bit of order. It actually went pretty fast, we did one coat yesterday and another today. The color is called Tree Frog, and it is is a leafy green color...a little brighter than I had pictured, but we still like it! We also ordered a changer this morning too! Little things I get excited about huh? It's just fun that everything is coming together! Better get to the survey...

How far along?: 26 wks 1 day
How big is baby?: The size of an eggplant. Little over a foot long, and weighing between 1.5-2 lbs.
Weight gain?: In the last 2 wks I gained around 5 lbs, so 22 lbs total. I've decided to accept it, since there's not much else I can do!
Stretch marks?: None!
Maternity Clothes?: All pants except sweatpants, and most tops besides t-shirts and sweatshirts.
Sleep?: Not bad, wake up on average 2-3 times to go to the bathroom. Better now that my cold/sinus infection is clearing up.
Best moment of the week?: Christmas, hearing baby's heartbeat at my last appt. again, and Paul has been able to feel some more of his kicks lately. Also painting the nursery!
Worst moment of the week?: Failing my glucose test :( So I have to go in this Monday to do the 3-hour test. Not looking forward to it, but I'm hoping the results come back normal. I was pretty disappointed I failed the first one, but I can't change it.
Food cravings?: Still the comfort foods...pasta, bread, french fries...I forced myself to have a salad for lunch today. And sweet stuff. Hard to avoid the cookies around Christmastime!
Gender?: BOY!
Movement?: Oh yeah. Pretty often, and they are sometimes stronger than others.
Belly button?: Still in, but I noticed yesterday in the mirror that you can see both scars from when I had my belly-button pierced. So it's apparently widening!
What I miss?: Being able to bend over comfortably...
Labor signs?: Nope.
What I'm looking forward to?: Hopefully registering soon and getting the nursery put together!
Milestone?: Under 100 days 'til my due date!!! 97 to be exact, according to So hard to believe, but so exciting!

This is the outfit I wore out for New Year's Eve. I have been wanting to try a belt around the waist like that for awhile, and I think it looked pretty cute! What you can't see are skinny jeans with tall black boots over top. This is about the most 'dressed-up' I've gotten for a loooong time. And actually felt like I looked cute and not like a boat... Still wish I had a better place to take pictures, the light in here is so bad and I have to set the ISO so high that the pictures look really grainy. And out of focus. :) Anyways, back next week, gotta go get ready to leave again!

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