Wednesday, June 27, 2012

14 months

....only a few weeks late! It's not quite July yet...

Finally remembered to take some pics of Levi the other night so I could post his 14 month update! Paul helped me a little so that was nice!

He is a little monkey! He can get onto almost any chair on his own now, sometimes it takes some effort though. It's actually quite humorous to watch him sometimes. He's going to have some strong arms the way he pulls himself to get up!

I can't remember if I had this in his last month update, but he has one molar. The other side has quite a bump, so I'm thinking that will break through in the next couple weeks too.

He's pretty much running now. Always on the go!

He has some pretty good dance moves! Ha! His latest is hitting his hands together in front of's hard to explain unless you see it! Every time I try to get it on video he quits, imagine that! If I ever do I will post it.

Talking and babbling a lot. You can tell he wants to say things but we can't quite understand them yet. He still says sh-ss a lot (shoes),woof, and toot-toot when the train goes by. Also mama and dada

When Paul gets home from work, he runs to the door and when he sees it's daddy, he runs back and grabs his shoes. He knows daddy takes him outside alot!

Gives kisses! When I take him up for bed I tell him to go give daddy a kiss goodnight, and he runs over there and gives him a big kiss then runs back to me. It's the cutest thing ever!

He's started hitting a bit lately, mostly to me and Paul, he'll just smack you on the face all of a sudden. Sometimes he does it when he's mad that I won't let him have something, or move him from somewhere he shouldn't be. I am trying to teach him what being nice means. So we'll see how that goes! No hitting any other kids at daycare or anything that I know of though.

He puts his hands up (like the picture above) when he is all done at meal times. Sometimes he does it when he says wassaaht (what's that I think is what he is saying!). But mostly if I ask him 'Are you all done?' he'll put his hands up like that.

He is growing fast and learning lots!

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