Friday, June 15, 2012

High Five for Friday

Friday is here once again! Geez, the weeks go by too fast in the summer!!

1. Grilling with friends. We got a babysitter Saturday night and went to a bbq that some of our friends were having. Good food, good friends, good time! Can't go wrong!

2. Levi's first ice cream cone! My mom came up Sunday to hang out, and after we went to the antique store in Morris we stopped at DQ on the way home. Levi loved his ice cream cone, but didn't quite get how to lick it yet, so after letting him investigate it a little, we gave it to him with a spoon. Yum!

3. Happy mail! The summer book I ordered from Elise Joy came in the mail this week. I love it! I've already started saving things and taking pictures to add to it. The colors are just so pretty.

4. My elliptical that had been collecting dust for the past year is finally gone. I sold it on a swap and shop site on facebook. I'd really like to get a treadmill now, but we'll have to see what happens this fall.

5. Someone got another haircut! He did SO good this time! I was so proud of him! Levi, not Paul, in case anyone was wondering. We gave him a sucker and he just went to town on that while Annette trimmed away. I think he looks pretty darn handsome! Such a big boy now!

Have a good week!

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