Friday, June 29, 2012

High Five for Friday

I missed last week. It was a busy day. I had a doctor appointment, then when I got home I had to clean and get ready for a Thirty One party I was having that night. Thankfully Levi was a good boy and I got ready in time, for the most part.

1. Levi gives the best kisses!

2. A nice surprise when I got home from work Monday.

3. Levi is getting the whole using a spoon thing down pretty good! It's usually pretty messy, but he can scoop and get it to his mouth on his own really well! He's pretty proud of himself when he does it! :)

4. We went to the pool TWICE this week! Once in Renville to the kiddie pool, and just last night to the Benson pool with Jess and the kids. Levi loves the water!

5. Our raspberry bush is producing like three times as many berries as it has the past 2 years combined. I am not sure what to do with them! Levi loves to help me pick them. He can pick them off himself and eats them, but I have to watch him because he doesn't always pick the ripe ones. I don't think he'd like one that is still white, with the stem attached! Silly kid.

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