Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father's Day

It only took me a week, but I'm finally getting some pics up from Father's Day! We went to Glacial Lakes State Park for a little while in the afternoon. We were hoping to swim and go on the trails around the lake, but it didn't go exactly as we planned. We got partway along the trail and it was blocked by trees down, so that ended that plan! So we turned around and walked down to the beach. It was cloudy and a little chilly to swim, so we didn't do that either. It was nice to spend some time together though. We're hoping to do some more of these day trips though, since we bought a MN State Park pass. Here's the pics!

Levi was such a good boy. He wanted to go in the water so bad! Hopefully next time! My attempt at a family picture failed..

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