Wednesday, June 13, 2012

we've got a climber!

Levi has been honing his climbing skills the past couple weeks. He's mastered getting onto the couch by himself, and can easily get onto the dining room chairs (and then to the table of course) if we don't push them under the table. If it has a ledge, he is trying to climb it. Thankfully, he does very well at getting off of things too. He knows how to get down by going backwards. He thinks he's pretty smart. Lately he's been trying to back off the changing table...yeah, I don't think that one would work out so well bud...even if you do go backwards. Here is some photographic evidence of his climbing adventures.

 He got up there all on his own, with the water bottle in his hand the whole time. Unfortunately, this time didn't have such a graceful ending, he decided to try and sit and fell backwards before I had a chance to grab him. A few minutes cuddling with blankie and his binker (and mom), and he was off and running again.

I love the 'HAHA look what I did!!' look on his face!

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