Tuesday, September 25, 2012

17 months

A little late again this month...I've had the pics taken for over a week now but haven't gotten around to getting this post done. About time!

The past month Levi has been saying lots more words, I would guess at least one new a day. I mean, they aren't super clear or anything, but he tries to repeat if I say it to him. If he is in the mood that is. I know I have said this before, but I think we are in for an exhausting few years. Whew. He is just...I don't know how to exactly put it...EXHAUSTING. Oh my Lord. Stubborn. Goofy. Moody. Picky. He is just a handful, plain and simple. BUT, we wouldn't want him any other way. I am so excited to watch him grow up, and it seems like it is happening in front of my eyes.

At 17 months::

 Still in size 5 dipes, and 18-24 month clothing.

Size 5 shoes for the most part, he still has really wide, chubby feet.

Has had 3 haircuts, and has another one scheduled next week.

Still can be a picky eater. I think he eats much better at daycare than at home.

COMPLETELY ignores me when I try to take pictures of him. Like, won't even turn his head. If I get lucky and he looks at me, it's usually just the 'Huh?' look....as evidenced above. I just keep trying though. :)

Words he has said...
tractor (track-uh)
car (cah)
duck (cuck)
Katie (Kah-ki)
Josh (Osh)
Grandma (Meh-ma)
Grandpa (Papa)
Cracker (Cackah)
Paw (as in Graham Paw)
NO (This is the one we hear the most, most of the time NNNNNNOO!)
I know I am forgetting a bunch. One of these days I need to just keep a pen and notepad with me and record what he says during the day.

He breathes really heavy at night. A lot of the time he snores, and will catch his breath. Sometimes I worry he's not getting good quality sleep. I did call the dr. about it, and she gave me some allergy medicine to try, but I don't think it helped. We put his humidifier back in there so hopefully that will help too. I've also been putting baby Vicks on him most nights. (He giggles before I even touch him, it's so funny!)

Not a whole lot new from last month. At 18 months I will have his height/weight again.

Couple more pics, and some outtakes! See what I mean? Exhausting!

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