Friday, September 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

On time this week! Woohoo! Let's see if I can finish before Levi wakes up from his nap.

1. My mom and grandma came up to visit on Saturday. They spent the afternoon, and it was fun to have them here. We went to the antique store in Morris and found a few things then just hung out at our house for awhile.

2. Levi likes to 'water' the flowers lately. They are all pretty much dead beyond recovery for this time of year, but it's fun to watch him pretend. He shoves the watering can in the flowers and makes a 'shhhh' noise, like the water coming out. He's a smartie.

3. First combine ride of the season. Paul combined a bit of his corn this weekend, so Levi and I went and rode along for a few rounds. He liked it, but he is such a mover that he had a hard time sitting still. As you can see, both boys were thrilled that I had brought my camera along. I will get better ones next time, it was windy and Levi was ready for a nap. Oh well, I tried.

4. Playing outside and I thought this series of pictures was pretty funny.

5. Goodies! I've gotten a bunch of packages in the mail this week! It's a few things I ordered over the past few weeks and everything just came within a couple days. Fun for me! :) Levi and I also went shopping in New London with my mom, grandma and aunt on Tuesday, and that is where the dress in the first pic is from. The second dress I ordered from Target after seeing it on Elise's blog. It is more of a coral color than it looks in the picture. The necklace I got when it was on Very Jane for a super good price. It's a simpler version of the one that's been all over Pinterest. And the last picture is my Bic Band doesn't move. At all. Super excited to wear it on Saturday for my 5K!

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