Friday, September 7, 2012

Another 2-week edition of High Five for Friday

Possibly 3-week...

We have been busy the past couple weekends, so I haven't been able to get a H54F post up. Better late than never right?!

1. Shopping! Sort of, mostly for Levi. My mom, sister, and I (& Levi obviously :) went to St. Cloud last Friday. I wanted to get a few fall/winter things stocked up for Levi in his size from Once Upon a Child, and Katie needed some things too. She didn't find much of anything, but I have Levi pretty well-covered I think. I didn't think to take any pics until the end of the day, but the bottom two are from a quick stop at Cherry Berry frozen yogurt bar for an on-the-way-home treat. I gave Levi his own and he was pretty happy about that, Mr. Independent! The top one is just a shot from the drive home after we dropped Mom and Katie off.

2. Labor Day weekend. We went to my grandparents in Raymond for our family get-together. First pic is my brother-in-law Josh and their dog, Maggie, who made herself comfortable on his lap. Second pic is my cousin Skye with Levi. Third pic is just a random shot of the group. Levi spent most of the afternoon half-nekkid because it was so darn sticky...blech. Pretty sure everyone was jealous.

3. Canning tomatoes....ughhhh. So worth it in the winter, but it has been hard to find time this year. The majority of it is done after Levi goes to bed, or if I go to my mom's so she can help me. This batch was for V8 type juice.

4. Caught! Look closely at what he got into. He thought he was pretty sneaky (and funny). Guess mommy didn't put the box far enough back on the counter.

5. FINALLY got my eyebrows waxed. Yes, that totally made my high five for the week. It was beyond time.

Decided to link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk blog for the first time in quite awhile!


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