Friday, September 21, 2012

High Five for Friday

Friday again! This week was pretty ordinary, but last weekend was fun! Lots of driving involved for mwah. Doesn't bother me, but Levi isn't always a fan. Now that we have our Expedition the gas bills aren't so much fun either :/ Anyhoo, here's my five!

1. Jill, Lynn and I ran/walked a 5K in Alexandria. We ran as much as we could, then walked off and on. It was fun, we are hoping to do more in the future and keep improving! Next one might be October in just under a month!
2. Grandma's birthday party. After our 5K Saturday morning, I went down to Renville to pick up Levi (who stayed at my sister's house Friday night), and to go out for supper that evening for my Grandma's birthday party. We went to a new winery that is down by Belview, in the river bottom. Soooo pretty down there, especially in the fall! I tasted a red wine, but wasn't a fan. I'm not a huge wine drinker. It's not a huge place, so our whole crew took up like a quarter of the tables they had. We ordered a bunch of pizzas then dug in! Yum! After supper everyone came back to my mom and dad's to have cake and ice cream. The top pic is of my beautiful grandma Karen and grandpa Jim, bottom left is the front counter of the winery before it got too busy, and bottom right is Levi and I in front of the vineyards.

3. I ordered Levi's Halloween costume. He's going to be a little monster. I thought it was fitting. (from Old Navy.)

4. Levi is saying so many new words now. Seems like he's says something new every day. Just recently he put 'NO' and 'MAMA' together...add the finger pointing and he is Mr. Attitude. I'll try to list them out when I do his 17 month update, which I hope to get posted this weekend sometime!

5. Just a couple videos! (You'll want the sound on the for these MOM! :)

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