Thursday, September 20, 2012

Losing it | v.2

Ugh. This week was not a whole lot better than last week. I tried to track my points. I really did. I'd be thinking about what I was eating, and enter like half of the day, then just say screw it and not enter the rest. It doesn't help that I haven't exercised since we did the 5K on Saturday. Which, by the way, went really well. It was fun and I hope to do more in the future! Maybe actually run a whole one! :) So, no wonder I have felt like a hunk of lard the last few days. Not eating better+not exercising+gassy/bloated tummy=not feeling skinny. Blah.

After my WW meeting today, I am feeling much more motivated. I had a small gain, so I really want to reverse that. Also, at my last meeting I bought an Active Link...kind of like a FitBit except that it works with the Weight Watchers website. I am still in the evaluation phase, but hopefully once I start the challenge it will help me want to stay active and see my progress.

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Today's weight: 155
+/- from last week: +.4
Total loss: -6.4

What I did well this week
- Tracked my points more than last week.
- Completed a 5K with my friend Jill.
- Got started with the Active Link

What I did not do well this week
- Didn't track every day.
- Didn't work out after Saturday.
- Made a bad decision to have 'only one' piece of pizza at lunch today...after I had finished the nice, healthy lunch I had brought for myself.
- Caught myself finishing what Levi didn't eat from his lunch/snacks.

Goals for the coming week
- Continue tracking my points.
- FIND THE TIME to work out.
- Get my motivation back!

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