Friday, March 8, 2013

26 weeks + pics

How far along?: 26 wks 1 day
How big is baby?: Weighs about 1 2/3 lb and measures 14 inches long.
Weight gain?: About 18.5 lbs total (according to my home scale...more like 20 according to the dr.'s scale)
Stretch marks?: Same.
Maternity clothes?: Yep!
Sleep?: Good, starting to have to get up to use the bathroom at least once a night though.
Best moment this week?: Hearing that little heartbeat at my appointment yesterday, always good to know everything is going the way it should be.
Food cravings?: Not really. I really want a pop right now.
Gender?: Girl!
Movement?: Yup!
Belly button?: Squished.
What I miss?: Still the same as last week, bending over more easily, and being able to get off the floor without so much effort.
Labor signs?: None.
What I'm looking forward to?: Taking Levi to the indoor waterpark in Alexandria this weekend, although it looks like we might be postponing that because there is some freezing rain coming our way I guess. Boo. Sick of winter.
Milestone? Baby's ears are better developed and can hear both my voice and others'.


I also have a few pics of Levi that I thought I'd share. We went outside and played for a little while the other day when he woke up from his nap. This first one is just because he looks so darn cute in his little Carhartt bibs that my grandma gave him! His snow pants are way too small so we made due with these for now. I actually just found him a pair on sale at Herberger's yesterday when we were at the mall, so they will at least get him through the next few (hopefully only a few) weeks of winter. Now with my luck just because I bought them, the snow will all melt in a week. Which I wouldn't complain about, either! 
And the next two are just from playing outside. He loved crawling around in the snow and digging in it. The big hill is from Paul snow blowing there, that's where all the snow from where we park our cars ends up. He thought it was fun climbing to the top, then sliding down the other side. We weren't out too terrible long since his pants got soaked since they're not waterproof, and he face-planted in the snow when he lost his balance. He didn't like that too much! The first thing he wanted was his 'mer' aka binker, surprise! So that was when we went in the house.

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