Sunday, March 17, 2013

Water park fun!

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, we took Levi up to Alexandria to stay at Arrrowwood and go to the water park this weekend. It was the first time we have stayed in a hotel with him, and he did alright. He was a very good boy overall and we can't complain much! He is just so busy, it was hard to keep him entertained in one area like a hotel room. He LOVE LOVE LOVED the water park! He did NOT want to leave either time we went. When you rent a room you get free passes, so we went for about an hour on Friday when we got there, then for another hour or so on Saturday morning before check out. We would have stayed longer, but it was a little cool in there, surprisingly, and by that time Levi was just too cold. I mean it wasn't cold, and the water was pretty warm, but when you got out of the water, being wet, it was chilly, especially for a little kid. His lips were getting blue and he was shivering like crazy. He put up a fight both times we left though.

And some pictures!

 Levi loved the water slides! There were two smaller ones in the area for kids, and he couldn't get enough! (I was really bummed that I didn't get any of the shots of them coming down the slide in focus. I guess they were just moving too fast, and it really wasn't all that bright in there for me to use manual and a high shutter speed but the flash didn't reach too far either. Oh well I guess.. )

 The water was nice and shallow so he could walk well in it, and he thought it was fun to put his hands on the bottom and walk that way too.
 On the lazy river.
 He got a kick out of these sprayers too. There were a few of them scattered around that he had to check out.

 Giving me his cheeser smile..

 It was a lot of fun! I'm sure we will take him back again when he gets a little older, or when both kids are old enough!

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