Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A few new pics + my latest lunch obsession

Just thought I would pop in and share a few pics from the past week.

Levi likes to eat plain tortillas, apparently he is related to his auntie... He wanted one the other day for a snack, so I gave him one. I had just bought him that little rolling pin, thinking he could use it with play-dough or something eventually. Well, he thought he better roll out his tortilla a little more before he ate it. So he had to roll it, then hit it a few times before he took every bite.

He fell asleep in the car twice on Sunday, and both times I took him in the house thinking he would wake up, but he kept sleeping for another 25-30 minutes. This time he fell asleep on the way home from visiting Paul's parents, and when I laid him on the couch, he sort of woke up, yelled at me a little, then grabbed his blankie, rolled over and konked out again for awhile. FYI he was NOT in a very good mood when he did wake up either times.

This one was actually just from earlier today, right after lunch. He got food all over him today (cottage cheese, peach juice, etc.), so I just took his clothes off and let him run around in his diaper for a bit before his nap. He had to have a cookie, and was sitting here watching Dora (or Diego??) for awhile in the recliner.

And then, my latest obsession for lunch. Fish tacos. My way. Also known as the easy way. This also ties into my last pregnancy post, where I mentioned that I've been craving spicy things more that usual. All I do is make some fish sticks, then put them on a warmed up tortilla with a smear of sour cream, plenty of lettuce, then give them a good dose of Frank's Red Hot sauce. Yum! Simple yet delicious. :) I had some fish tacos at Buffalo Wild Wings awhile last summer, and that is where the idea came from. Those had pico de gayo on them too, which would also be super yum, but I don't usually have that on hand, and regular salsa wouldn't be the same. The ones from Taco Johns that are out for a couple months during Lent are also really good. See? Obsessed much? I just wrote a whole paragraph about fish tacos..yikes. I'm done now.

In other, non-fish-taco-related news...
We had what I hope is our last snow of the season last night (Paul is a doesn't think it will be, boo.), so that made the roads yucky and I had to re-schedule my doctor appointment that was supposed to be this morning. So now it is on Thursday afternoon. Which actually works out good since then I'll have an accurate weight for my 26 week post.

That's about all I got for tonight.

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